Our RainBOX is made up of natural and environmentally friendly elements that are all made by hand in a sustainable way and will not cost the earth. We inspire early childhood learning through music, nature play and the countless opportunities that can be found in these (textures, colours, flavours and smells) in order to provide children with a set of tools to help them develop in every way.

It’s RainBOX play time

RainBOX by Cheeky Hands is a BOX full of music, nature, colours and magnificent sensory experiences. RainBOX promotes free exploration, bilingual learning and deep connections for your child with both nature and with yourself. Once you open it and look inside, you and your child will find everything you need to engage in a safe, sensory play time at home. We know that when young children play in nature and with a variety of textures it has the power to develop their holistic learning and also has a positive impact on their development as a human being.

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