9 Pole Puzzle

$39.90 Inc GST

Once your child has mastered removing an object and placing it back you can move onto this Pole Puzzle which offers size perception, promotes concentration and encourages independence.

Measures 140x140mm base


This nine pole puzzle comprises nine poles with different height housed in a thick base. This  toy is  great for hand eye coordination and motor skills development.

This simple puzzle is an ideal learning resource for young ones to learn through play.  Children explore, enquire discover and make sense of the world around them through play. Play not only allows children to improvise and imagine but also connects children with social and physical environments.

Qtoys  Baby Deluxe range have been designed to be welcoming, playful, safe, and interactive resources. These early learning toys  support the core development of sight, sound, touch, gross and fine motor skills of babies and toddlers. Moreover, the deluxe range is Chemical free. Each toy reveals the stunning look of the timber with  premium craftsmanship.

Aged 18+ months.

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